C.I.F FT-03

FT03 oven has been conceived to the reflow of solder paste or polymerization of the glues for prototyping.
FT03 oven is compatible with high temperature alloys and above all ”lead free” ones thanks to its new heating system as well as its electronics.

It includes in line many functions as 10 programs memorization, information display upon LCD monitor, a viewing window to supervise the process.

  • View of the card thanks to a large window on the front panel
  • Possibility to keep in memory 10 programs
  • Compact model, but working area of 190 x 290 mm
  • Heating through forced convection
  • Temperature control by microprocessor, max. T° 300°C
  • Digital display of different advises: temperature and time
  • Easy programming for immediate control
  • Safety: double window with air circulation, closing door access

C.I.F FT-05

The reflow oven FT05.B is a new generation professional oven. It was created to work with the new high temperature alloys.
For a best precision, the heat is distributed by forced convection.

The reflow oven FT05.B includes in line the memorisation of 10 programs, the advice visualisation by LCD display and 4 connections in front face: 3 for flexible thermocouples and 1 for computer.
The FT05.B oven is compatible with the software SMTix-FT®.
In « Test » mode: this software parameters the oven to test profiles on boards, to view the curve tracing, to valid the tests and to store in one of the 10 memories of the oven or computer.

In « Manufacturing » mode: piloting of the oven from validate and memorised tests. View of the oven probe and curve tracing.
Safety: double window with air circulation, locking of the access door, extraction pipe for solder fumes, filtration unit for solder fumes as an option.

Technical data

Temperature control
Max T°
Noise level
Working area
Quartz heating elements
Thermic stabilisation time
External dimensions
Net weight
Electrical Supply

2 levels
by microprocessor
up to 300°C
inférieur à 50 dBA
350 x 400 mm
4 x 1 KW
About 5 minutes
800 x 600 x 375 mm
38 Kg
230 V -50/60Hz